The Sacred Presence of Spirit

The Sacred Presence of Spirit

The breath is one of the most important ways in which you can begin your ascension process. It all begins with the breath; and it all ends with the breath.

Your breath controls your thoughts. Your thoughts control your emotions. And your emotions control your behavior. Thus, when you begin with the breath, the sacred presence of Spirit, you are able to create and crystalize your reality the way you want, the way it is in your deepest heart’s dreaming—in your ascended reality and whole expression of your Divinity.

Service, Love, and Breath

If you look at this physical vessel, how did it begin its first animation? With one breath. And when that day comes—when it’s ready and it’s time to release this vessel, this sacred holy temple—you will leave with one breath. Within that breath resides the complete energetic signature, life force, and memory field of our Supreme Self, encompassing all aspects of Karmic expression. Whether liberated or choosing to incarnate again, the following breath in the next life encapsulates and brings forth the entirety of the previous life’s experiences, continuing the journey.

The breath of this life serves as a carrier wave for the Karma from past lives, highlighting the connection between liberation, ascent, and free liberation. The intention is to crystallize these teachings into direct experiences, anchoring them into the Holy Temple and the energetic field to hold the coding for expression. When expressed, this truth penetrates the sacred space of the heart.

Wisdom Reclaimed

Wisdom emerges, as the teachings are integrated, applied, and experienced, continually transmitted and embodied. Consciousness, once liberated, does not drop, it remains consistent, maintaining its frequency and vibration. This consistency facilitates the reconfiguration of the genome, body structure, and even unique imprints like handprints and fingerprints. It metamorphosizes. It transfigurates itself into a higher expression.

So, how do we walk this path? Well, this leads us into the next key point of the Law of One.


The Law of One

What is the Law of One? When the Christos (Divine Masculine) and the Sophia (Divine Feminine) are in harmony and balance, how does that express itself to the Universe? How does that express through the Dharma, the Cosmic Law, as Buddha once said? 

It expresses through the connection and the love of all things.

Love is paramount; All is love, returning to itself as Love as the purest form of Love. It is the Universal, omniscient love. Every Beloved heart on the path is seeking this Love, to remember the One Union, Unison with Source; with God; holy, heavenly Divine Mother and Father. This principle lies within every heart as a portal and expression into the Universe, through the Universe. That is the Law of One. 

Divine Feminine Kryst 

The Law of One embodies Kryst Consciousness and the natural laws governing the cycles of the Universe. It teaches the universal truth that all is One, expressed through the Kryst’s cosmic primordial frequencies, representing the highest form of illuminated, enlightened, and liberated consciousness.

Unity Consciousness, as a practice, involves feeling love pouring into the heart, recognizing God in all moments, and acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings. It is a state where judgments and projections dissolve, leaving only pure love—a love void of the small self, ego, and identity.

This love allows for absolute surrender into Source, enabling Source to work through an individual and transmit its frequency, presence, and love in all aspects of life. The path to the Golden Aeon, the Golden Age, is an internal alchemical process, believing in its manifestation and experiencing it within before it reflects externally.

It is a journey of the conscious breath, being receptive to the Divine Feminine Kryst, and allowing the internal alchemical process to unfold. “The Golden Age begins within,” as we always say. And your choice to walk upon this path can open a superhighway for the highest aspects of God to channel into this manifested reality.

Illuminating the Path Ahead

Let’s explore Unity Consciousness and how you can integrate and embody it into your daily life. What does it truly mean to love yourself and all expressions of yourself? To accept every facet of your being as a manifestation of the Divine?

How can you open your vessel to receive the All That Is? Again, it begins with your breath. In order for the Divine to flow through you, you must create space. 

Making room for God involves practicing conscious and intentional breathing. However, the first step is to be willing to receive and to feel deserving of this Divine reception. So, we ask you, do you truly feel worthy of bringing forth God through your vessel?

Do you feel deserving of genuinely loving yourself, even in the shadows and complexities of your consciousness and ancestral lineage?

Love Thy Neighbor

Loving yourself and extending that love to others, following the principle “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” embodies Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is realized when you look at others and see reflections of yourself—not the self clouded by judgment, but the perfect emanation, the Divine Spark, and the soul’s perfection of the true self. Can you extend this perception to nature, viewing the waters and animals as versions of yourself, recognizing the perfection within? This is Unity Consciousness.

Through this realization, Service becomes the highest expression of our love. Engaging in internal work, forgiving all aspects that do not serve, and remembering the ultimate truth of Oneness allows you to bring service to the world. By unconditionally loving yourself, forgiving, releasing, and forgetting, you remember your Oneness and contribute to the shift in vibration, ascending to a higher calibration of Light.

Internal Alchemy

Your frequency alone can alter the consciousness of everyone in a room or change the world around you. Every age of consciousness—Dark Age, Bronze, Silver, Golden Age—is a reflection of what you broadcast.

Transmitting the Golden Age expression of Light and frequency affects your relationships, community, and the collective awakening of consciousness. Becoming a golden chalice, holding and emitting that Light, is a co-creative responsibility. We are our planetary body; we are a Collective Consciousness that is ascending, together as One.

This is the first time that this planet has reached such great density, and is ascending. Lightworkers; Light Servers; the Bringers of the New Dawn are here, co-creating together, as One.

This is where the Law of One expresses itself through Unity Consciousness, when we come together in such harmony, and equilibrium. With such love and bliss, we see all as God.

We express this Love through Godas God; with God.


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