The Veils Of Humanity

Blessings on High luminous Ones

It is such that Infinite rays of abundant streams of consciousness are entering from outside the Solar System and each one is in communion with the higher soul aspects that are entering the atmosphere. These packets of light visually resemble little flower buds in the Ethers and each beloved is receiving according to the frequency and life trajectory of the soul’s incarnated form.

Every year, the thinning of the veils for a deeper divine union occurs over several cosmic occurrences. These points of time also marks the first day of the new season that brings about balance between the light and the dark and there is much to share about what to anticipate for the coming times. In light of this important moment of Universal Consciousness, We extend our one heart consciousness and breathe ancient wisdom into these words and ito your hearts.

It is our vision to see you already in the Golden Age free from suffering and in your perfection. We shall speak on the cosmic and planetary energies taking place and affecting the planet and what can be done to create a state of balance through this period of great transformation. This is the time of year when the physical veil between worlds and dimensions is very thin and the balance of night and day is called forth. The gift in this period is that it is a perfect time to balance the shadow and the light within you and equalize the polarity into oneness.

We ask you now, are you ready to let go of everything you thought you knew about yourself to make room for an even deeper and more expansive presence? In order to do so, the self that you thought you knew, must give way to the empty space that fills the eternal hum of creation.

Learning about the Primordial Energy, what it truly means in your life and the ways in which to utilize this powerful creative force to your greatest beneficence, is supportive to your liberation path here on Earth. For is is only this Primordial Force that can liberate the human vessel and consciousness and dissolve the veils that separate the Higher Consciousness from the Human Expression. We shall share more about this in another communication.

We lovingly remind you of your brilliance and celebrate you with every breath taken. It is YOU who are the creator of your life and ONLY you have the power to change and transform it at any moment. We lovingly invite you to join the inner revolution/ involution and pathway back HOME. We LOVE YOU more than you can imagine and look forward to the beginning of what these teachings and the revealing of these ancient secrets will mean for HUmankind. It is indeed a GREAT honor to serve you.

May Infinite Love and Grace be bestowed to you in every moment.