Truth About The Power of Halloween

Welcome dear ones,

Enter now into a portal and era of time where the Earth and her resources were revered, her secrets told and held sacred and her veils thinned to allow the children of her womb to free the trapped Souls to pass through the Earth Plane with greater ease and grace.
A specific night and gateway through the realms was carved out so that the many wise ones with great power would come together and bond as one great Force of Nature and Light to raise the cone of power to rise all souls that through the Karmic Wheel had been trapped.

On this very night it was known to those initiated in the great mysteries, that not only would the souls of the trapped be freed through the magick cultivation of her Earth Body, but that the inverse reality would be, that the Soul’s that served the other side of the underworld would wish to come topside to create their own ability to remain amongst the world of the living. This very portal created an opportunity to repent, clear Karma, raise in consciousness and return to Love once more.

On the Eve of October 31st/ November 1st for a period of 24 hours, the sheaths that cover the planes of existence between the worlds are thinned and thus, the allowance of a great reveal may occur.

The ancient Celtic roots of Samhain/All Hallows Eve was known by the uninitiated to be a time when the light would turn to darkness and the summer would give way to winter. And although this remains true, even now, many magickal workings took place amongst the Celts and Wiccans of that time.
Great homage was given to the ancestors who had come and gone from third density through the making of potions, preparation of food made for both the living and for those loved ones who had passed and were unable to participate in the physical expression of ingesting the libation offerings. The food was often given to the altar of the High Goddess to ensure that the guardians would allow the ancestors safe passage. On many occasions, beautiful gardens of glorious flowers were created under the moonlight to honour each ancestor and the ten directional spiral of life.
Masks were worn so that those who held light magick and worked the web of Creation through the Goddess, the Love and reverence of the Earth, were more difficult to see for those souls from the Underworld who had come through the thinning of the veils. It was believed that the masks would ward off evil, but alas that was not truly so, for the spirits did not need physical eyes to see.

Through this portal from light into Dark, there was often great trepidation as the sun retires from his position in the sky and the dark of the season began.
Great Fire Festivals were initiated to represent the light returning and blazing her glory once more.

In many cultures the sun was feminine and the moon was heralded as masculine and thus, we shall use the he/she pronoun interchangeably to describe these Heavenly Bodies henceforth.
Upon the lighting of the fires, powerful rituals were performed to increase the light in the times of darkness and just as the sun would descend into the next season of winter, this was also the time that those beings from the underworld would wish to enter and experience the benefits of the Incarnate Realm.
Today, this sacred and powerful holiday is celebrated by the sounds of playful children coming together in costume travelling door to door, unknowing of the spiritual significance of the moment and all that has been. The carving of pumpkins, which is symbolic of resurrection from the Earth Plane and represents the carving out of one’s destiny path free from the underworld influences, is also a fun holiday activity to do with the children.
What is truly blessed about these animations on such a powerful time, is that even though the actions taken to celebrate Samhain/ Halloween often come from those who may be unaware of all that has come before to create this festive expression, they were birthed with great intention and passion for Earth and her children.

Although, for many, this day has become one where the focus is on consuming copious amounts of candy, carving of the jack o lantern, and trick or treating; it is the Knowledge and reverence of the Sacred Earth that has brought these traditions into the light of the New World.

Through these external reflections and narration, we have spoken of the thinning of the Earth veils, but as we teach, all that has been shared is in-fact within. The masks that are worn to keep the shadow from coming to light are seen and present every day in various ways. As the entire Universe is inside you, we lovingly invite you to be present to where and when you bring your mask out to grace the light and to pay attention to when do you hide from the shadow?

Samhain and the energies of this portal are representative of the veils of consciousness thinning within you and the ability to transcend the darkness and density into the light. This gateway through the realms is a time where the souls from the underworld and the disincarnate of the astral and ghostly planes have the potential to balance their karma and assist the passing of those souls ascending into the Light.
With Great Reverence and Love for Each one of you, we bless you on this powerful Day and Hold you with Grace through the many masks and aspects of the soul’s expression as we witness your transcendence into even more light.
Happy Hollow In!!

With love and divine service to all life,