Tulum Transcendance

Sacred Solstice & Elixir Retreat

30th Nov – 7th Dec 2020


Welcome, Beloveds,

We invite you to a restorative and regenerative retreat space that holds all of the wisdom of the ancient Maya and Atlantean lands. Here we shall initiate you into the magic and wonder of our sacred liberation teachings and our sacramental elixir journeys. By High demand, we have created this Solstice Immersion as the month of December, 2020 is resplendent with Cosmic Energy that is destined to:

Reboot your consciousness and Illuminate your Spirit

On this sacred journey, we have been called to the miraculous land of Tulum, Mexico. The history of Tulum is truly fascinating and this civilization built its walls around secrecy and mystery. It’s original name was not called Tulum, but was named Zama by the Mayans: as it means “The Dawn”. As we continue to bring in the Golden Age together, a place inspired by The Dawn is calling to be uncovered.


Tulum Overview

Located on the Rivera Maya’s Southern Coast, this holy land is deeply rooted in the ancient Mayan people’s mysterious and deific culture.

As did the Egyptians and many other cultures around the world, the Mayans of Zama constructed temples and pyramids that exemplified their inherent connection to the stars, the Earth and all the cosmic forces as they were descendants of Atlantis. They invented their own language of hieroglyphic symbology and were well learned in mathematics and in reading the stars. Astrology was a science they knew well and utilized in all facets of life, such as when and how to best communicate to their Gods.

As we enter the Golden Age, we pay homage to this brilliant civilization that erected ascension chambers in various forms and structures that are still able to be experienced even now.

The ruins in Tulum are well-preserved, some with pathways that even lead to sandy beaches. This area is teaming with rich culture, turquoise oceans, deep cenotes and wisdom filled soils of the Mayan priesthood just waiting to be re-discovered by you.

Retreat Purpose

Sacred Initiate, the path ahead is filled with possibilities and deep remembrance of a history that is rich in mystery, sapience and connection with the Earth and all of her Elements. We lovingly invite you to open your connection centers of love even wider, as you enter into a time capsule of ancient ruins, forgotten language of the stars, activating vortexes for the soul’s journey of ascension and beyond.

Here, the inspired culture of the Maya lives on with each building, shamanic experience and reverential ceremony to the deep inner truths of the creation itself.

If you listen closely, the presence of the ancient chiefs and priesthood can be heard in the whisper of the winds and crashing of the waves.

This retreat is inspired to bring a feeling of peace, communion with elements, connection to the lands and a deepening of the path of liberation. As in order to liberate one must return back to the source point. This means picking up codes and information along the way in your current embodiment of this life, that you had left in the past for a future aspect of yourself to reclaim.

The time is now dear initiate! You are that future self.


december Solstice

Beloveds, December is the most active month this year in terms of astrological play and movement. The December Solstice is no exception. From December and onwards there is a cosmic crystallization that is destined to clear and transform the path of human evolution from the template of the homosapien to the new Divine Human.

Two days following this cosmic Crystallization, The Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th, to prepare for the Summer solstice.

This move shall birth a new cycle of compassion and gentleness of spirit.

 In Golden Age astrology, the Higher Self of Cancer is the Divine Harmoniser and this energy will be felt throughout the planet, as it is time for all humans to hold true compassion for the self and all of its reflections.

This reboot of consciousness enables one to transcend uncomfortable and limiting belief systems and allow one to reset to the great harmony of spirit.

As humanity enters into the Solstice, all must prepare for great transformation once more. Elder civilizations have revered this day of the Summer Solstice as the longest day of the year, where the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. In Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s position in the galaxy at this exact moment.

Thus, the Summer Solstice is a day that celebrates the Sun for its life-giving radiance and is a time to awaken the inner light of God within your being.

As a result of this gift to Gaia, it becomes an incredible opportunity to ignite these same lights of consciousness within your brain, as the piezo crystals inside of your pineal gland can become activated by the solar and magnetic energy discharged through this cosmic alignment. What these microcrystals inside your pineal gland can do, is activate specific regions of the brain’s anatomy to rewire the human consciousness into the higher Enlightened states.

Elixir of Life Ceremonies

Alchemized into a liquefied essence, these Elixirs are crystalline ancient formulas that have been purified back to the Prima Materia. They have been resurrected from antediluvian times in order to assist with spiritual enlightenment and the embodiment of supreme consciousness for each and every initiate participant.

These profound Elixirs have left a mystical trail throughout the ages and have been alchemized only by the high adepts of secret spiritual orders.

The most advanced and ancient traditions have left myths and legends about these holy Elixirs that have been written in secret code in both scripture and ancient texts. This codex is then only able to be decoded by its lineage holder. The Himalayan Immortals called it Amrita. The ancient Greeks spoke of it as Ambrosia. The deathless Taoists shared it as Universal Medicine. King Solomon encoded this secret potion of the Gods in order to be passed down through the ages by only the enlightened alchemists who would then craft it as the Philosopher’s Stone. In Ancient Kemet, the Gods & Goddesses named it as The Elixir of Life.

Since these Elixirs have been brought forth in preparation for the Golden Age by the great Immortals to help in the mastery of one’s consciousness, they may be the most profound and celestial substance that is available in our modern times.

As the Golden Age is ushered in, The Elixirs of Life may prove to be integral to bring forth the new human template and unleash the light at the core of one’s being.

The absolute truth is slowly becoming available to all, as it is the birthright of humankind to have the right to explore the immeasurable quality inherent within one’s own Divine consciousness.

These Sacramental Elixirs are the vehicle to take you on a journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

Retreat Facilitators


With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome you home to the supernal abode within you.

Retreat Activites

Two Sacred Elixir Vitae Ceremonies

The Elixir Vitaes are ancient alchemical crystalline formulas that produce deep states of awareness and supreme healing for the unconscious mind, physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies.

Sacred Sciences and Inner Alchemy Practices

Receive direct initiation into the holy sciences of inner alchemy and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness through self-sourcing practices.

Divine Embodiment Activations

Throughout the journey, there will be personal and group activation treatments taking place with the land and the guardians of the powerful vortexes.

Central Solar Star Initiations

Through the portal of the December Solstice, the central galactic sun reaches an apex point where it aligns the giant crystal stationed on the lands with a particular point in the sky to activate crystals in the brain. There will be group accelerations when taken to this point on the day of the solstice.

Daily Gourmet Organic Healthy Meals

There will be healthy organic gourmet meals served daily to support and nourish your body and vitalise your mind, cooked by a team of talented, inspired, professional cooks.

Merging With Powerful Astrological Energies

Each planet represents a different path to travel in order to activate a deeper understanding of the Heavens found here upon the Earth. By connecting to specific astrological alignments and eclipse energies, one can accelerate their path of liberation and ascension.

Manifestation Miracles

Miracle attunements to assist in the recalibration of one’s ability to receive blessings for health, love, compassion, kindness and heart openings in order to ignite your mission and soul’s purpose.

Morning Movement and Yoga Opportunities

To help integrate and in support of the vibrations there will be opportunities for daily movement either in a group container or while taking personal space.

Connection With Nature Elemental Heavens

The awe-inspiring beaches, ruins and cenotes in Tulum allow one to reconnect with the beauty of previous Golden Ages and collect soul coding from past lives.

Sacred Union Codes

Being in the presence of the Shekinah and Sananda’s TwinRay energy field enact codes of supreme Union of one’s self and create preparation for a beloved mate of the soul, or twin flame.

Sacred Sciences and Breathwork Practices

Receive direct invitations into the holy sciences of breathwork and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness.

Energy Transmissions

Meditations and transmissions to support your Healing, Ascension and Liberation journey.

Retreat Extension

After the deep transformational journey of the Tulum Transcendence Solstice Retreat, Shekinah and Sananda are offering the opportunity to participate in Land clearing and grid activation work with them. Their intention is to repair the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean grid networks that will support the current Golden Age timeline. You will learn how to connect deeper with the Earth grids and upload the activations you have gone through, during ceremony to support humanity at large. You will also be taken to a water oasis known as Cenotes Azul, for you to be rejuvenated and replenished by the ancient water spirits.