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Higher Dimensional Astrology for the Golden Age

Six Week Mini-Series

begins saturday 13th march 2021

Welcome to the new age of astrology –


Welcome, to TwinRay Golden Age Astrology.


 You are Invited to take a journey through your Star Chart, and discover how the     cosmos is supporting you on your Spiritual Ascension the TwinRay and Golden Age Way. 

What is TwinRay Golden Age Astrology?


TwinRay Golden Age Astrology is non-dualistic technology of the stars, that helps one navigate the Higher Self.  Through the wisdom and understanding of one’s own Star Map, as through the perspective of an Ascended Consciousness, a person is able to navigate and maneuver through life with a greater ease, grace and applied wisdom than ever before possible.

As of December 2020, we are now in the Aquarian age. It is no longer enough to interpret information from a 3rd dimensional or Piscean perspective.  

TwinRay Golden Age Astrology works to map your Ascended Soul Signature. This allows you to see your own intimate connections from a higher perspective, and thus, create an innerstanding of the way your own energy signature interacts with the soul’s alignment, purpose and mission on this planet. 

 TwinRay Astrology & Ascension

Change the spiral of your Soul’s Path to Ascension.

These three TwinRay Astrology Foundational classes will give you an in-depth overview of the teachings of Non-Dual Astrology and provide you with a greater inner standing of why TwinRay Astrology supports your ascension journey.

As one learns this new system, it will literally change the spiral of one’s soul path, to that of Ascension. Many are embarking on the Ascension path already, however this tool gives you a systematic way to work through your karmas and change your destiny path to it’s highest timeline reality. It is a true blessing and this is the first time we are offering this to our community. 

TwinRay Astrology 

What if you could experience a type of wisdom that can only come from a deep innerstanding of your Unique Soul Signature? What if you realized that wisdom was already mapped in the Stars and in fact, within your very makeup.


This is what you will learn:

Class 2

The Threefold Qualities of Consciousness

In Class 2 you will learn how the three main qualities of consciousness reflect through your Star Map. These qualities are Power, Love & Wisdom.

This science will show you how to evoke your hidden abilities and use them in different areas of life.

You will also be taught how to use your planetary alignments within these qualities of consciousness to infuse planetary powers into your Energy Field.

This practice not only harmonizes the karmic effects of planetary energy, it also elevates the light quotient in your bio-energy field.

Doing this practice regularly entrains your subtle bodies to magnetize the Divine Archetypes of your Higher Self into your being.  

Class 3

The Four Elements & Four Energy Bodies

In Class 3 you will rediscover the Four Elements of creation and how they work through your lower Energy Bodies and your Star Map.

This teaching will show you how to bring all the elements of creation into complete balance within you and your energy field.

Each of the four elements corresponds to an aspect of your four subtle bodies, which have both negative and positive factors.

These factors are not to be understood as good or bad, rather the difference between the spectrum of energy.

With this knowledge you will be able to gain control of your lower self and move into higher alignments with your mind, emotions, health and wellness. 

Class 4

The World Axis Portals & Karmic Nodes

In Class 4 you will be shown the World Access Portals and Karmic nodes in your Star Chart and how these can support your souls evolution.

This knowledge will show you how to read your souls initiations and past incarnations.

The World Axis Portals can be utilized to open up new realities of consciousness in your life, when used at the appropriate times throughout the year.

The karmic nodes are vortexes that allow the soul to incarnate into each lifetime, and can be used to travel into future realities and back in time to change past experiences. This powerful practices can give you the ability to see into the future and the past. 

Star/Birth Chart & Ascension

 The ability to understand your Star Map/ Birth Chart has been a gift that was prized in antiquity.

When a child was born, the child’s star charts would be read and they would then be placed in the perfect groups of people with the same gifts and talents. This was done so that their gifts and talents would be able to be best utilized with other children of similar star origin. In this way, children were given the schooling they needed to set them up for a life of Success, worthiness and security. Each family would visit the wisdom keepers of their respective community to have their star charts read so that those children would be able to navigate their gifts and abilities through their lives.

 How would an Ascended Consciousness view or interpret the Astrological alignments? 

Through TwinRay’s Golden Age astrology, and the lens in which it is viewed, one becomes familiarized with the 5D Planets and Higher Energy of the Zodiac. 

Understanding TwinRay’s Astrology is equivalent to holding the lock and key to the Gold-print of your Soul. This lock and key is able to access  your Higher Self. In contrast, classical Astrology is like having a blueprint of your 3D limited self but with no ability to access your Higher Self. As you will soon learn, this rare opportunity to understand Golden Age Astrology not only reveals hidden secrets of your highest Life Purpose and how to navigate every aspect of your reality, it also gives you the ability to rewrite and clear your past karma from ALL Incarnations to accelerate your Ascension in this life.

Empower your life and Discover the Gold Print of your Soul to help you actualize your mission, as you move into the Golden Age.

TwinRay Golden Age Astrology Classes

Starting Saturday March 13th

(replays available via the TwinRay Academy App)

Live webinar callS

TwinRay Astrology Foundations with Sananda

Over a period of six weeks Sananda shall be taking you through the very foundations Higher Dimensional Astrology. 
Class Two  – Saturday March 13th
Class Three – Saturday March 27th
Four – Saturday April 10th


Through our private online TwinRay Temple Space TwinRay Sanctum and for the students of this very special Foundational Course, we will create a closed Group just to share with other TwinRay Astrology students. You will be able to connect and share insights, expansion experiences and post questions and updates.


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TwinRay Golden Age Astrology is a non-dualistic science of the stars and is a type of Astrology that can integrate into your life, in order to Master every aspect of your reality.

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Understanding TwinRay’s Astrology is equivalent to holding the lock and key to the Gold-print of your Soul. This lock and key is able to access  your Higher Self. 

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