Understanding Sacred Activism

In order to truly heal what is going on in this world, it must be done at the root level of the most powerful grids on the Planet.


It’s quite obvious for everyone that we’re in a time of great purification, this time that we’re living in right now. It’s purifying from the inside out, and everything’s changing, and rearranging.

There’s new systems, new structures, new ways, and what’s being called forth is absolute truth—absolute impeccability. To be authentic, to be a transparent model, and an authentic expression of the truth inside you.

Earth, The Living Library

First, understand that the Earth herself is a living, breathing body, that her blood is the water that you drink, that her skin and her flesh is as you walk and drive around, every day. Oftentimes this can be missed, this can be forgotten. 

This particular way of Service is to give yourself to the Earth, to give yourself to helping repair, to helping bring coherence and harmony to various places around the world where perhaps a great trauma has occurred lifetimes ago that are still seated inside the soils.

Perhaps something has happened in that space, a catastrophe that created devastation—these elements, these events, are recorded in her story and are relived every single day. 

Walking the Earth Grids

Imagine yourself as an acupuncture needle: your body is an acupuncture needle, and as you walk around—as you move around the Earth—you are tapping into what has occurred on the Earth through her records.

We, Shekinah Ma & I, have spent the greater part of two decades of time in these bodies, walking the earth grids barefoot all over the world on assignment so to speak, and these assignments would come in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day—these assignments would come at any moment and there’d be windows of time…

Greater Guidance

For example, we would receive something that says: “Okay, you need to get on the next flight and fly across the world, because something needs to be done and a portal needs to be open.” Now, we had already been prepared as to how to do these things, but when Service calls: you answer immediately. You do not ask questions. That is really how we lived a large part of our life: by the grace of that Guidance and following that Guidance to a T. 

Being impeccable to that Guidance.

Another aspect of Divine Service is as simple as listening to that Guidance. As you listen to that Inner Guidance, and the reflections of what comes into your awareness through the synchronicities of life, you follow that Guidance, and there begins a greater service, these little bread crumbs along the way that you pick up, like different aspects that the soul has been left from different incarnations.

Healing Yourself

When you go to a certain location you get this feeling like you’ve been there before, and maybe you have a deja vu moment, a remembrance, a feeling of connection and completion that occurs. There are a lot of soul threads that occur when you start traveling to different parts of the world. Because what happens when you are doing the earth work, when you are doing sacred grid work, you are not only contributing to the Earth, but you’re also contributing to your own karma. 

You are also healing yourself as you heal the Earth. 

You are healing your own Self, your own body, because your body, your biology, is not separate from your environment. You cannot extract yourself from any environment and say that the environment in which you experience is not a part of your own expression, of your own energetic form and physical biology—Your body needs the air in the environment, for example, and needs the food, or the sunlight of the environment and its replenishment.

Earth Service

The environment that you live in is very much an extension of your field. So, when you extend your field, and expand your field, there is greater responsibility that can greet you and meet you and inspire you to do certain work—grid work, land work—Earth service 


Micro to Macro, Macro to Micro

To give you a bit of a framework of what we are speaking to in regards to the ley lines, grid system, architectural structure of the grids, and the morphogenic field of the Earth—there’s a science called geo-biology. Geo-biology really goes into the biological aspects of the Earth’s body. 


When you understand and innerstand that the Earth’s body is a macro expression of the micro vessel. The human body, and that the Earth’s body is a micro expression of the universal body, you can start to see the interconnectivity between all things. 


You see the Earth, the Universe, as a living organism, and that there’s a certain architectural structure, a frequency of the field, that is a holding template to create the solidity of what we perceive as form

The New Age

Right now we are in a very powerful cycle known as the Golden Age, and this was marked at 2020 on the point where Saturn and Jupiter conjoined in Aquarius, marking the Aquarian Age. It was the rising of the Star Merkabah or the Star of Bethlehem.

It was about 2000 years ago when this astrological occurrence was unveiled, announcing the time of Pisces.

Every age of a cycle has an astrological age, and the last age was in the Age of Pisces. This New Age we are in is the Age of Aquarius, and there was a micro glimpse into this back in the 70’s. The 70’s marked the first wave of that process, even the late 60’s, and we are receiving another wave where we are entering into this collective, and that is why everything is resetting now.

There is a big purification. 

Answering the Call

In order for the Earth to purify, there is grid work to be done. There are many that have done the unseen work. Many other beautiful individuals and beautiful beings of light that have supported the Earth in some capacity, that have received the Guidance, the Calling, to travel to different locations with specific instructions—to wake up at 3am in the morning and know:

“Oh, I have to go to Norway. I have to fly to England. I have to go to Europe, and go to the grid.” Or, “I have to go to America,” or different states or places where the grids are calling.

The Miracle Mentorship

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The New Age

Where we are right now, this cycle of time, is quite profound. Every 12,000 years there is a certain reset of a larger cycle in the short term cycles. The reason for that is, if you look into the 12 different astrological houses that are the different cycles of one’s consciousness theme, that the soul incarnates through…

…and you times 12 by two, you get 24. So, in the scope of the astrological precession of the equinox, which is around 25,500 years approximately, we look at every 2000 years or so. There is a smaller cycle that holds a theme, a governing theme for the collective.  

Alignment with the Divine

We are now in the Aquarian Age, we are in that theme which is all about knowing the Divine within: awakening to the Divine within. It is also about manifesting the Highest Love into physical form, into physical expression—that is the greatest theme. Anything that is not in alignment with that theme, the grids, the architecture, will not hold that. Pisces was all about faith, having faith, not knowing but trusting in that faith. 

The Age of Aquarius is about knowing that the greatest love is here, that the greatest love is within you, and how to access that. So, in the Age of Pisces, we saw a lot of organized religions being formulated to have that faith and go deep within that.

Now, in the Age of Aquarius, we see more of an Open Source Spirituality. Where people are tapping into the Spirituality that they truly are. They are connecting into that, or they are having a very difficult time trying to figure out what this reality is all about.

Until you embrace the authentic Spiritual Path, it becomes quite a hard place to be in to try to navigate your emotions, your beliefs and your conditioning the way that society has. It’s crumbling right before your eyes. It is the epitome of suffering to try to understand. 


Age of Knowing

The age of knowing is to become so attuned to that frequency of love, and to know what love really is. 

A lot of the collective in fear is ignoring the inherent Love of Spirit, the inherent Love of the True Self. When you do attune to that Love you receive that Guidance, a clear Guidance. Sometimes that Guidance is not so clear, and that is why you need a teacher; a teacher to help elevate you. To harmonically induct you into a higher coherent state so you can actually listen not just with your ears, but also with your heart. And allow your heart and mind to become one in that expression. 


When you go into the innerstanding that this organism that we call a plane, or the globe, Earth, or Gaia, Tara—whatever we want to associate this Sacred Mother of the matter, the matter of this physical plane that your body has been borrowed from—when you acknowledge that she is a living organism, that she is your Earth Mother here to give the unbounded love that she has which is your life, a miracle, there is something inside you that inspires you to give back. You want to be more conscious with how much water you are using. It may be certain pollutants and chemicals that you do not want to use actually in the household anymore. There are certain ways that are not ethical, so you want to be more eco-friendly and eco-conscious.

These are ways to give back. 

The Path of Freedom

Because when you tune into that sacred activism, it activates that sacred soul, the sacred spirit that brings Self Illumination on the path of freedom.


The Universe is now ready to further this work, and we have awaited a very long time to co-orchestrate with the lands of Peru and the Galactic Center. It is indeed time to bring about this completion and truly commence the Golden Age that the Children of Light have long been awaiting. We shall always go straight to the source for the most potent and life-affirming change.

In order to truly heal what is going on in this world, it must be done at the root level of the most powerful grids on the Planet.

The planetary grids are the energetic matrix of reality, and only when your internal grid system is unified with the new Golden Age grid system will you then experience the Golden Age on Earth.

The Golden Age Begins…

We anticipate new developments along the way, as we bring in this New Cosmic Energy to the Planet. This journey will be one of true selfless service. 

Unlock this scaffolding of knowledge within your very genetics, and attune yourself to the Earth’s grids and innate wisdom to be a vehicle of service and healing for Her and Yourself.

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The Miracle Mentorship

The teachings shared in this blog outline the topics that are covered much more in-depth on the Miracle Mentorship Live Calls. There are academy courses, conscious technologies, transmissions, LIVE Q&A’s and so much more in the Miracle Mentorship program. Join your family of light in the Miracle Mentorship Community, and discover the transformative journey that awaits you.

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