Your Own Garden of Eden

Mother Earth is a macro representation of your own inner gardens.

The way in which you tend to the Earth is a direct reflection on how you nourish, nurture and tend to your own Garden of Eden. Each color present in nature is a vibration and a necessary aspect to connect with in various intake forms such as eating colorful fruits and vegetables and visualizing color movement and frequency inside of your body. In order to unify all aspects of you for your highest potential to arise, you are invited to recognize the highest potential that the Earth and ALL beings have to co-create for each other. Invite the Garden of Eden for your life by sharing your love with nature, opening your heart to all beings and releasing your fears to The Divine. Mother Earth and Father Sky together create the balance for all. My darlings, find the Balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within you by connecting simultaneously with the Earth and the Sky and with the pure golden heart within you.

May you always feel blessed and held by The Divine, for you always are.