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The Universe Happens For Me
Your Level of Spiritual Awakening is: Advancing on the Path.

Congratulations, you are in a good place, a place that has the potential to offer you a vast array of possibilities that bring joy and happiness. Based upon your quiz answers, it seems that you are currently in a mid to advancing stage of spiritual awakening. You identify as the universe happening ‘for’ you, which is a positive mindset to hold. You are aware that the universe offers you synchronicities and signs along the path, and you embrace these when you show up. You have likely encountered certain people, events or opportunities which have advanced your awakening.  You believe that life is supporting you on this journey, and experience resonance along with a sense of ease.

At the same time, you are likely aware that there is still more for you to experience along the path, and that can be very exciting. It is always good to know that it can get even better for you then life is now.

You are awakening and know that there is more to experience to bring you into a greater flow in life. At this stage of the spiritual journey, your soul is calling an even more expanded level of embodiment, and greater fulfillment of purpose. It may be that your family and friends that you have known your entire life may not yet be aware of your new perceptions of the world, and it may sometimes even feel lonely along the path. It is possible that sometimes helping others in the way you want to, may leave you feeling powerless and/or frustrated at times. This is especially so if family and friends do not understand some of the more spiritual or mystical values or concepts that interest you.

The truth is, that wherever you are in your spiritual path, the journey can at times be overwhelming with intense experiences and emotions.

This is why finding a supportive community and guides that you can truly trust makes such a profound difference when walking the spiritual path. We are so happy that The Universe led you to us for as long or short a time as you feel you may need. Sometimes just a word or two that someone needs to hear can make a significant difference, perhaps even a word or two you have read here has already done so. 

As a thank you for showing up for yourself and taking this short quiz, we have a Free Golden Age Ascension Kit and countless other free gifts that can really help you advance further and attune to the higher frequencies coming onto the planet giving you greater emotional, mental, physical and ultimately spiritual support. 

We send you a blessing for your path ahead, wherever the journey may take you. 

With Love,

Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji


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